Agriculture Innovation.

La nostra passione è trovare soluzioni che massimizzino
la sostenibilità ambientale, economica e sociale della produzione agricola.

We are a multidisciplinary group made up of qualified agronomists, biologists, engineers, chemists and computer scientists, with the common goal of innovating and offering the market a know-how that in a short time is able to bring real benefits to the farmers, improve the efficiency of the production process, reduce the use of inputs and increase the value of the final product and with the general goal to reduce the environmental impact of both agricultural and processing activities.

Our Services


We make our skills available to partners who want to carry out development projects or innovations related to the agricultural supply chain.

Training courses

We carry out training courses on issues related to crop protection, the agricultural supply chain and the market.

Agronomic services

We are able to classify pathogens and harmful insects and monitor them in the field.


We carry out agronomic and crop protection consultancies for fruit, wine, horticultural and cereal crops.

Test center

We are a trial facility authorized by the Ministry of Health able to carry out GLP and GEP studies.


Planning and Sinergy

The partnership with Agrobox is an example of planning, which has led to the development of a complete system capable of solving the problem of point pollution of water from plant protection products and washing sprayers and tractors in a sustainable way.

Agrin is able to offer “tailor made” solutions to optimally manage this kind of problem.

Whether you just want to get to know us or are looking to start a project, feel free to contact us